Learning Objectives.

CoResolve is based on Lewis Deep Democracy, developed in post-apartheid South Africa and practised in over 20 countries worldwide. Lewis Deep Democracy includes a facilitation methodology that is particularly useful for resolving relationship and group dynamics that are emotionally charged or marked by diversity and difference. In CoResolve, we have honed these tools for leaders. In this method, a leader is identified as anyone driving a process to achieve an objective. CoResolve gives you the theoretical background, instructions, experiential learning opportunities, and long-term support that you need to begin using the most powerful and essential tools of Lewis Deep Democracy in your leadership.

In today’s complex organisations, the skilful handling of interpersonal and team dynamics has become a vital quality among leaders. 

The CoResolve course increases capacity to succeed in turbulent times by offering practical tools for working and thriving with the diversity of perspectives inside an organisation.

Lens for Understanding Group Dynamics

  • Read the dynamics of a group, pick up on the early signs of resistance and emerging conflict and act in a timely manner to reduce tension.

  • Understand the obstacles to good communication and build the foundations for shared understanding.

Skills for Collaborative Decision Making

  • Make decisions that gain buy-in and establish accountability and responsibility.

  • Facilitate dynamic conversations.

  • Enable diverse opinions to be heard.

  • Unleash engagement and creativity whilst maintaining your authority.

  • Harness the power and collective intelligence by enabling even the quietest of participants to express their views.

Tools for Resolving Tension

  • Resolve differences of opinions, arguments and conflicts instead of allowing anger and blaming to continue.

  • Use tension as an opportunity to enhance learning and relationships, and to unleash the creative potential.

Included in the course.

A custom-designed web-based platform, access to the learning material, exercises, discussion groups and the ability to connect to other participants internationally.

Optional extras: I Know Me Personality Assessment, group coaching, individual coaching.