Learning Objectives

The Level 1 program provides the foundational knowledge and skills of Lewis Deep Democracy. On completion of the program, you will be able to:

  • Apply and use the theory and tools in your facilitation and consulting work.

  • Apply and use the theory and tools in your personal life.

  • Understand and engage with group dynamics from the perspective of Role Theory.

  • Recognise the ‘minority voice’, create and hold the space for its expression, and add its value into majority decision making.

  • Facilitate structured processes that support groups to resolve tension and to experience the transformative potential of the LDD approach to tension and conflict.

The Modules

The course consists of the following 8 modules. These form the basis of all Lewis Deep Democracy work. Each module is presented in a manual that gives you the theory and clear step-by-step instructions for how and when to use the LDD tools.

Conscious and Unconscious

  • Understanding a group in terms of it conscious and unconscious aspects.

  • How decision-making affects the formation of a group’s conscious and unconscious.

  • The Resistance Line

  • Limitations of majority democracy in generating consensus

The 4 Steps and Metaskills

  • Introduction to the 4 Step facilitated discussion and decision-making tools

  • How to include the wisdom of the minority

  • The LDD Debate

  • The metaskills of neutrality and compassion

  • Skills training in the 4 Steps

Soft Shoe Shuffle

  • This tool enables all voices to be heard

  • Instructions and practice of the Soft Shoe Shuffle

Check-in and Check-out

  • Skills to begin and end meetings and gatherings

Role Theory

  • Understanding individual and group dynamics using knowledge from the new sciences, including field and energy theory

Communication Vices

  • Skills to facilitate conversations through identifying various problematic communication habits, and how to rectify them

Edges and Cycling

  • Understanding ‘edges’ and ‘cycling’ in groups

  • Introducing Step 5

  • Switching tools

  • The Climate Report

The Argument

  • Facilitating decision making processes and the resolution of opposing points of view

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