The I Know Me

The I Know Me is a powerful personality analysis and self-discovery tool. Lewis Deep Democracy provides an online guided discovery that takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete and a 90-minute integration and coaching session with an accredited coach. 

word of warning, the I Know Me should not be taken lightly. It can trigger unhealed trauma or challenging and complex thoughts, so please only purchase if you are feeling stable and be mindful that this may evoke strong emotions. 

That said, it's also a tool that can be used for gaining awareness, growth and self-discovery. 

If you are unsure, contact [email protected], and they will put you in touch with a qualified coach to help you decide. 

Included in the I Know Me

Lewis Deep Democracy provides deep self analysis as well as coaching sessions to help you understand yourself and change the way you interact with the world in your personal life, professional life and your community.

  • Guided meditation and self reflection.

  • Analysis of childhood messages and observation of the most formidable early experiences.

  • Clear analysis of your guiding beliefs and your key life patterns.

  • Growth areas and opportunities to break your cycle.

  • Coaching to integrate key patterns and identify the way to embrace your growth areas in your personal life, professional life and your community.