Graduates of Lewis Deep Democracy Level 4 are invited to join the Personal Development Program (PDP). This program is designed to help you integrate the Lewis Deep Democracy theory and tools into your day-to-day personal and work life. The integration process will include knitting the methodology into your unique style and enable you to gain valuable insights and personal growth that will develop your proficiency and confidence as a practitioner. Furthermore, the program establishes the foundation for those wanting to continue to the Level 1 or CoResolve Instructor Training Program and join the growing cohort of accredited Deep Democracy/CoResolve instructors worldwide. Although this is primarily a distance learning course, through Zoom or Skype, you will gain the added richness of interfacing with others and being part of an international community.

Outline of the Program

The Personal Development Program aims to develop highly-skilled, competent and confident practitioners. This 6 month course focuses on honing the tools of the Lewis Method as well as developing your Metaskills.

  • Monthly exercises to be completed

  • Monthly group supervision sessions via Zoom

  • Monthly one-on-one coaching via Zoom

Monthly Program

Each month the participants will be required to:

Concentrate on specific theory & tools

  • Lewis Method toolkit will be broken down into monthly modules; this will enable you to focus on a particular aspect of the Lewis Method, revise the theory, practice the steps and reflect on your learnings.

Practice the tools in your personal & work lives

  • Participants will be required to practice the tools in their personal and professional lives at an advanced level. Exercises will take approximately 3.5 hours per month to complete

  • If the participant does not have the opportunity within their place of work to experiment with the tools, they may need to find a suitable group to work with, be it friends, family or community work

Written exercises & journals

  • Participants will be required to write up notes on their practical work and reflect on their awareness’s, experiences and insights. These journals need to be submitted every month before the next supervision and coaching session to both your PDP supervisor and your coach

Group supervision sessions with the PDP Supervisor

  • Participants will be divided into small groups, and each group will receive a 90-minute Zoom Supervision session once a month for six months, following the initial introduction call

  • The calls will loosely pertain to the module and exercises each month. During the supervision calls, participants will have the opportunity to explore technical issues, ask questions and practice and gain supervision on applying the tools

One-on-one Coaching

  • Each participant will be assigned to a Deep Democracy coach and have a 1-hour personal coaching session per month via Zoom

  • The coaching sessions are an opportunity to explore, grow and receive personalised support and supervision. Using the insight and awareness gained by the participant through the I Know Me, the coach integrates the method and tools in line with the participant’s personality, working conditions and personal life

  • The coaching sessions occur monthly on a mutually agreed date and time by both the coach and participant

  • There will be a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6 participants per group, and the number of groups will depend on the total number of people joining this Program.  The dates and times will be worked out with the group, depending on the location of the group participants