Course Overview

The ability to explain using oneself as a model the different psychological models that underpin LDD. The training of level 4 is intense and demands on participants to gain a greater understanding of themselves both intellectually and emotionally. The instructor needs to create a safe crucible and hold the space for such growth. Participants review and practice all the tools and specifically hone their meta-skills.

  • The Newtonian View: Freud’s Psychodynamic Approach

  • Eric Berne: The Script

  • Richard Erskin: The Rackety Pattern

  • The I Know Me

  • Einsteinium/Quantum Thinking:

  • Carl G. Jung

  • Arnold Mindell: Process Orientated Psychology

  • Mindell’s Role Theory

  • Change through the Energy Fields

  • Rank and Privilege

Pre-requisites are required for this program