Course Overview

The purpose of the Level 3 Instructor Program is to train, skill and embed in you the theory and tools taught in Level 3 course and become competent in delivering the course content. Upon completion of this program, you will become certified as a licensed Level 3 Instructor. Through the training you will learn and develop the following:
  • How to present the Level 3 delegate teaching material in a manner that is clear and applicable to the needs of delegates who attend your courses.

  • Hone your Deep Democracy toolkit to effectively use and demonstrate the tools you are teaching.

  • Further develop Metaskills and personal growth to enable you to read the fabric of a group in order to create and maintain a safe crucible for the learning to take place

Structure of the Course

This program may be completed by one person on their own, or in a group of 2- 5 participants.

  • Overview of Deep Democracy

  • Reflective Listening

  • Amplification

  • Conflict Resolution theory

  • Stages of Conflict

  • Polarisation