Learning Objectives.

Level 3 includes theory and experiential practice of reflective listening and amplification, tools that will help you facilitate conflict resolution. You will hone your ability to be non-judgemental, empathic and compassionate. The course comprises of modules that can be taken over two days or in a modular format.

Reflective Listening

  • Reflective Listening is a listening method

  • What to do and what not to do

  • Using reflective listening in the context of mentoring, emotional problems, emergency situations and cycling (issues that repeat)


  • Establishing Amplification Intention

  • Understanding the Method of Amplification

  • Neutrality and Compassion

  • Stages of Amplification


  • Spreading the Roles

  • The Soft Shoe Shuffle

  • Promoting role fluidity

  • When to polarise


  • 5 Stages in Conflict

  • Conflict resolution in terms of Role Theory

  • Traditional Styles of Conflict Resolution in Relation To Deep Democracy Style

  • The Three Premises

  • Conflict as a Growth Path

Role Mapping

  • Gaining clarity

  • Using Role Mapping as a Diagnostic Tool

  • Bring intellectual awareness to the group