Learning Objectives.

This highly experiential course will deepen your understanding of interpersonal dynamics that occur when there are differences of opinion. You will develop your capacity to be centred whilst enabling yourself and others to confidently move into and resolve tension uncovering the wisdom that lies within diversity. Level 2 comprises of modules that can be taken over two days or in a modular format.

  • Continue to integrate Lewis Deep Democracy (LDD) theory

  • Grow your competency in your ability to use the foundation tools of LDD. Learn how to use the tools from the positions of leader, facilitator and participant/ However, the primary focus will be on how to facilitate from a leadership position, CoResolve style

  • Extend your knowledge and skills regarding Step 5 of LDD, learning the Debate, Argument and Golden Arrows. You will learn how to do these alone, with someone else and in groups or meetings

  • Deepen your understanding of roles and role mapping

  • Strengthen your understanding and practice of neutrality.

The Modules

The course consists of the following 8 modules:


  • Refresh your memory of the Level 1 foundation course

  • Gives you an outline of what you will be learning during Level 2

Inner work and journaling

  • This module will help you become aware of the roles you take up and learn how to process them

  • Reflect on Role Theory from a broader perspective and how the roles you are feeling are alive in others

Role Mapping

  • Role mapping is helpful when you are stuck or confused as to what is taking place in the group, and you are not certain what to do next

  • Learning how to use this tool gives you insight into the deeper issues and provides you with a sense of what needs to occur or take place to resolve or grow

Developing Neutrality

  • How to develop awareness when you loose Neutrality

  • How to recover neutrality when you have lost it

  • How to practice maintaining Neutrality

The LDD Debate and Argument

  • Using the LDD Debate and Argument to create a safe, structured processes for decision-making, dealing with differences of opinion and light tension

  • Experience a range of contexts in which to use The Debate and The Argument

  • Understanding the mechanics of the LDD Debate and Argument

  • Know WHEN to use the LDD Debate and Argument

The Golden Arrows

  • Learn how to provide positive feedback, using the “arrows of appreciation.”

  • Gain agreement and set the safety rules

  • Finding and owning your grain of truth

  • How to incorporate insights from this process into your life